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Education Plan 2015 Endowment
Solid Start for Bright Future

As a parent, the greatest happiness is to witness your children grow up every day and be proud of for successful and good life your children have in the future. In expectation to get a firmly based for them, you will find it is necessary to prepare a perfect financial plan so that your children can follow up their dream no matter what the circumstances.

With Education Plan 2015 Endowment product, our company will bring the well prepared financial plan and ensure the bright education future for your children.

Education Plan 2015 Endowment – Outstanding Features:

1. Guaranteed Educational Benefits

With 2 options in accordance to the parents’ different demands, the Education Plan 2015 Endowment provides a guaranteed budget at the turning points in your child’s lifetime; therefore he/she can confident achieve education goals and begin career with great financial support

University Option

Child’s Age Age 18 Age 19 Age 20 Age 21 Age 22 Total Guaranteed Education Benefit
University Option 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year Starting to work 150% SA and 100% GB
30% SA and 20% GB 20% SA and 20% GB 20% SA and 20% GB 20% SA and 20% GB 60% SA and 20% GB

Master option

Child’s Age Age 18 Age 19 Age 20 Age 21 Age 22 Age 23 Age 24 Total Guaranteed Education benefit
Master option 1st year in University 2nd year in University 3rd year in University 4th year in University 1st year in post Graduated 2nd year in post Graduated Start to work 175 % SA and 100% GB
25% SA and 10% GB 15% SA and 10% GB 15% SA and 10% GB 15% SA and 10% GB 30% SA and 20% GB 30% SA and 20% GB 45% SA and 20% GB

SA: Sum Assured, GB : Guaranteed Bonus

2. Scholarship Bonus for Valedictorian

To support the Vietnamese talents, Hanwha Life Vietnam award up to 25% Sum Assured to the best candidate who gets Valedictorian at National University or at National High school nationwide or among the provinces/cities.


1. Protection Benefits for the Parent:

In the lifetime journey with full of contingencies, if the Parent’s Death or Total and Permanent Disablement during the Premium Term, 100% Sum Assured will be paid out to support for the big loss for the family. In addition, the customers are entitled to waiver of premiums and 10% Sum Assured per annum to make sure that their income of the family makes a big loss in lack of the parent.

2. Protection Benefits for the Children:

If the Life Assured’ s Critical Illnesses/Total and Permanent Disablement during the Premium Term, 150% Sum Assured and 100% Guaranteed Bonus will be paid to support the family for treatment and overcome miserable time. During the payout term, Korea Life Vietnam will pay the total future remaining education benefits in one lump sum.

The benefit remains the same upon the Life Assured’s Death, which expresses deep humanism and integrity in Hanwha Life Vietnam’s product.

The list of Insured Critical Illnesses are stated below:

1) Bone Marrow Transplant; 2) Brain Surgery; 3) Encephalitis; 4) Bacterial Meningitis; 5) Insulin Dependent Diabetes Mellitius; 6) Major Burns; 7) Kawasaki Disease with Heart Complications; 8) Leukaemia; 9) Major Organ Transplant; 10) Heart Valve Surgery; 11) Severe Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis (including Still's disease; 12) Major Head Trauma;