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Family Package  
hinh_sp_400With the desire to bring the products to meet all the needs of protection for customers, Hanwha Life Vietnam is constantly renovate and combine the products that are suitable with different stages in life, in order to give the best support and protection not only for customer but also for the beloved members in the family.

Hanwha Life Vietnam proudly to introduce the Family Package provide the most solutions for personal needs such as housing, great wedding, study abroad for children or protect the health for parents.

The Family Package is the perfect combination of 2014 Universal Life product and the following riders:

1. 2014 Enhanced Waiver of Premium rider
2. 2014 Enhanced Critical Illness rider
3. Accidental Death and Disability rider
4. Term insurance rider
5. Insurance Financial Support Dependents rider
6. Hospitalization rider

Family Package provides the following needs of customer: