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Hanwha is one of the top 7 conglomerates in Korea

Top 500 in the world with 6 divisions: Manufacturing & Construction, Finance, Leisure & Lifestyle, Aerospace & Mechatronics, Chemicals & Materials, Solar Energy

70 years of history

Over sixty years ago, the dream of Hanwha’s founder began to unfold. With a better vision of values for future generations and a daring spirit of undeterred by the challenges and changes, Hanwha continues to move forward.

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Established to restore Korean Economy

Founded in 1952, Hanwha was born with the historic mission of rebuilding Korean economy after World War II. With the philosophy of “contributing to the development of nation and society through its business,” since the 1950s Hanwha has became a leading company in the areas of construction, power, mechanics and chemicals contributing to Korea economy grows.

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Business Growth

In an effort to innovate and develop unstoppably, Hanwha has expanded and diversified its activities during the mid of 1960s when it engages in energy, finance, entertainment, retail and services. After the Asian financial crisis in 1997, hundreds of large companies across Asia has closed, workers lost their jobs. However, Hanwha Group has overcome and faced the challenge of “reform.” In 2002, Hanwha restructured for the new stage when it acquired Korea Life Insurance. Hanwha Life Insurance has total assets of $ 84 billion and is ranked “AAA” by Korea Ratings and Korean Credit Information Service Agency.

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