Working with us

Since launching its business operation in April 2009, Hanwha Life Vietnam has consistently achieved excellent results over the plan. This success is due to the efforts of a dynamic team of professionals, with a work environment that fosters teamwork in which each individual commits himself to the common goal.

Together we achieve more through the philosophy CHALLENGE, DEDICATION and INTEGRITY


We believe in challenging the status quo in the pursuit of excellence through change and innovation


We are dedicated to our company, customers, and one another to achieve a greater goal


We believe in acting with integrity in everything we do, as individuals and employees

Working as agency

Open your career path with Hanwha Life Vietnam

With the aim to develop a high quality sales force who works with a professional ethics and high quality services to customers, and in compliance with Hanwha Life's philosophy « Trust - Respect - Innovation », company (hereby called HLV) stipulates a nationwide-consitent standard in terms of recruitment procedure as follows

Recruitment criteria:

  • Age: 18-60
  • Residential status: permanent resident certification or long-term resident form (KT3) at those locations where HLV is recruiting
  • Basic education: candidates must be a high-school graduate.
  • Experiences in sales and/or marketing, consulting, sales managment is preferred.

Attitude and characteristics:

  • Positive attitude: has long-term and specific ; challenges acceptance ; demonstrates positive thinking; willing to provide best services to customers
  • Ambitious to succeed: has strong interest and desires in career achivement ; self-disciplined with a scheduled working habits, and be proactive
  • Persistence: able to adapt to all cirrcumstances; willing to take the challenges
  • Mature personality: be reliable and always keeps committments; has a judgeable mind and able to make appropriate reaction and decision ; willing to support others.
  • Sociable mobility: able to make a first good impression and a coherent presentation ; be courteous, friendly and easygoing

Recruting processes:

  • Approaching: Contact and arrange an appoitment to introduce life insurance career.
  • Screening and selecting those who are met minimum recruitment criteria set-forth by HLV (above-mentioned) => advice them to join the career seminar.
  • Interviewing those who have strong interest & able to succeed in FC career as well as ready to attend BFC course
  • Training: the qualified candidates will be invited to participate a 5-day course to learn the basic knowledge of life insurance and HLV's products.
  • Licensing: Trainees who have been successful in 5 days training and exams will gain the license to sell HLV's products.

Talent is our most important asset

Hanwha Life Vietnam commits to develop the professional through training. Our compensation & benefit is competitive and deserved award to individual‘s contribution.

There are career opportunities within Hanwha Life. Take a look at our job openings; even if there is no current vacancy that suits your preference or qualifications, we encourage you to drop in your resume at our Databank for our future reference.

Candidate Selection Process:

  • Step 1: Receiving and Screening Resume
  • Step 2: Interview with Direct Manager
  • Step 3: Interview with HR
  • Step 4: The staff will contact the appropriate candidates and send thank you letter to the candidates are not appropriate
STT Tiêu đề Địa điểm Loại hình Submited date
1 Head of Marketing Ho Chi Minh Full-time 17/08/2022
2 Public Relationship & CSR Senior Manager Ho Chi Minh Full-time 17/08/2022
3 HR Reward Senior Analyst Ho Chi Minh 11/08/2022
4 Distribution Compensation Ho Chi Minh Full-time 11/08/2022
5 Digital Customer Services Manager Ho Chi Minh Full-time 10/08/2022
6 Giám Đốc Kinh Doanh Khu Vực (SDM) - Quảng Ninh Full-time 09/08/2022
7 GA Management & Support Executive Ho Chi Minh Full-time 09/08/2022
8 Giám Đốc Kinh Doanh Khu Vực (SDM) - Hải Dương Full-time 26/07/2022
9 Channel Marketing Assistant Manager Ho Chi Minh Full-time 26/07/2022
10 Nhân viên Huấn luyện & Phát triển Đại lý (ATD) - Đà Lạt Full-time 26/07/2022
11 Call Center Staff (Temp Staff) Ho Chi Minh Full-time 25/07/2022
12 IT Help Desk Ho Chi Minh Full-time 19/07/2022
13 Agency Compliance Senior Executive Ho Chi Minh Full-time 19/07/2022
14 Investment Operations Senior Officer Ho Chi Minh Full-time 19/07/2022
15 Distribution Support Senior Officer/ Assistant Manager (Leader of Contest Management) Ho Chi Minh Full-time 19/07/2022

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