Frequently Asked Questions

In case I want to cancel my policy before term, how will my benefits be resolved?

We understand that each customer's policy is linked to a specific financial plan for themselves, their family or the future of education for their children...

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What if I have financial difficulties during my premium payment?

Hanwha Life Vietnam has the following regulations to help customers maintain their insurance policy even in the face of financial difficulties...

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When will my insurance policy take effect?

If the insured person is accepted by Hanwha Life, the effective date of the policy is the date the Insured Person completes the Claim Form and...

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Why do I need to pay special attention to filing in the Claim Form?

The insurance buyer is obliged to complete and truthful in the insurance claim because the evaluation of the insurance contract based on the trust of the customer statements...

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Why can not the customer negotiate, adjust the rules and terms of insurance?

In the field of life insurance, in accordance with international practice as well as in accordance with Vietnamese...

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Why does not the insurance certificate have the signature of the customer?

The policy is a written agreement between the policyholder and Hanwha Life Vietnam...

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What is the minimum premium for Hanwha Life Vietnam?

Minimum limit of annual premium for main product is 2 million VND.

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The role of life insurance

For individuals and families:
Participating in life insurance is a safe bet because customers will have the financial security ...

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What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a contract between an individual or an organization and a life insurance company to insure themselves or their relatives or employees for the purpose of securing financial security. insured person.

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Are you looking for channels to pay insurance premiums

Payment channels are fast, secure, most convenient and free transactions for you to choose when making payments.
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Hospitalization Assessment Process.

Internal regulations on assessment of unnecessary cases in hospital.