Interest rates

Hanwha Life Vietnam would like to declare the Reversionary Bonus rate for fiscal year 2019 as follows:

Reversionary Bonus rate 2019
An Sinh Tích Lũy Toàn Diện (Anticipated Endowment with increasing cash benefit) 1.0%
An Sinh Vinh Hiển Toàn Diện (Scholar's Choice Endowment) 0.5%
An Khang Bách Niên Toàn Diện (Endowment with Annuity Income Benefit) 1.0%

Reversionary Bonus in previous years

To be consistent with the interest rate in the Market, Hanwha Life Vietnam would like to introduce the Loan interest rate for all products and Cash benefit for Traditional products, Re-instatement charge, valid from 01/02/2020:

Cash benefit rate for Traditional products 5.0%/year
Loan interest rate 8.5%/year