Interest rates

Hanwha Life Vietnam would like to declare the Reversionary Bonus rate for fiscal year 2019 as follows:

Reversionary Bonus rate 2019
An Sinh Tích Lũy Toàn Diện (Anticipated Endowment with increasing cash benefit) 1.0%
An Sinh Vinh Hiển Toàn Diện (Scholar's Choice Endowment) 0.5%
An Khang Bách Niên Toàn Diện (Endowment with Annuity Income Benefit) 1.0%

To be consistent with the interest rate in the Market, Hanwha Life Vietnam would like to introduce the Loan interest rate for all products and Cash benefit for Traditional products, Re-instatement charge, valid from 01/02/2020:

Cash benefit rate for Traditional products 5.0%/year
Loan interest rate 8.5%/year