Ho Chi Minh City, June 17, 2019 - Hanwha DREAMPLUS under Hanwha Group (Korea), the most preferred investor and accelerator by early-stage startups in Korea, officially launched Hanwha DREAMPLUS Travel Creator (DTC) program in Vietnam. This is the first time DTC has been organized in Vietnam to find and choose young people who are passionate about tourism and have  an ability to create content, take photos, film, design... to attend DREAMPLUS’s specialized training course to become a Travel Content Creator. 

DTC was first launched in Korea in 2014. In July 2019, the program will be deployed in Vietnam with the cooperation of Hanwha Life Vietnam, DSSVTI, Pops Worldwide, Big Cat and Highlands Coffee. To participate in this program, applicants need to send their CV/ profile from now till July 2nd, 2019. Applicants need to demonstrate one of the following skills: Planner - Copywriter, Photo - Video Creator, Designer related to tourism.

After the selection round, 24 candidates who have passed the interview round with impressive profiles will become Travel Content Creator trainees, participating in “tourism challenge” with DTC. During the 8 weeks of internship (from July 15th to September 6th, 2019), trainees will be trained by professionals and influencers in the tourism industry in diverse skills such as planning, making videos, taking photos, writing and managing personal social network channels... During this time, each of trainees will be supported with US$1,000 to build a domestic trip to complete a “mission” which is assigned with trained skills. At the same time, trainees are also entitled to a grant of US$250 per month.

After 8 weeks of internship program, top applicants will be selected to be titled as Hanwha DREAMPLUS’ official Travel Content Creator for 3 months (from September 16th to December 6th, 2019 ). During this time, each Travel Content Creator will be given additional travel expenses up to US$1,000 and receive a salary of US$ 250 per month to continue creating more exciting travel content, as well as have an opportunity to participate the Global DTC program where they can meet and collaborate with Travel Content Creators from other countries.

With a huge investment in the market in parallel with a profound understanding of the community when operating in Vietnam, Hanwha Group recognizes the tendency in tourism and the desire to assert themselves among young people in the era of booming social network. That is why Hanwha brought DTC program to Vietnam after having succeeded in Korea.

After completing the program, applicants can become an independent Travel Content Creator with fulfilled luggage for the journey to conquer the travel passion. However, if excellent candidates desire to work at Hanwha, the group will also be supportive.

See more details about the program at https://www.facebook.com/dreamplusvn.

Sign up for the program at http://bit.ly/dreamplusvn.