Life is colorful experiences that each of us should not miss, even in every moment. And LIME is one of the interesting experiences that you definitely cannot ignore.

With the customer-centric strategy embedded in our DNA, Hanwha Life Vietnam will continue to harness the value of open innovation and disrupt the life insurance industry by redefining the concept of customer services and introducing new digital services. LIME now becomes one of Hanwha Life Vietnam’ achievements during that non-stop journey of innovative financial services.

LIME is a connection between a "LIFE" full of positive inspirations and with an open "ME" to experience wonderful things to make life more fresh and lively, get higher quality of life:

LIME - the leading interactive digital app with great experiences where you can:
- Easily sign in with social account: Facebook, Google, Zalo, Apple ID
- Discover a new and high-quality lifestyle with an exciting and diverse content hub for a better life, constantly updated from many fields such as nutrition, life, health, family, entertainment, finance...
- Experience outstanding features exclusively for customers such as managing and querying contract information, receiving notifications of premium payment deadlines, paying online insurance premiums....
- Share personal information and opinions about life through integrated interactive features

More than an app. LIME is a TRUSTED LIFE COMPANION for every moments in our lives, because LIME not only tastes “sour”, but also many other wonderful flavors.
Download the LIME app now for better life with Hanwha Life:

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