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Hanwha Life – Your companion (Sharing - Resilience)

Bringing the peace of mind, minimizing psychological burden and ensuring financial securities for customer with risk of cancer

Hanwha Life – Your companion

Bringing the peace of mind, minimizing psychological burden and ensuring financial securities for customer with risk of cancer

Triple Care Critical Illnesses Endowment

A backup financial plan which allows customers to fully and peacefully enjoy their lives.

Pay 100% of Sum Insured upon First, Second and Third Critical Illness.

Maximum payment of 300% of Sum Insured for Accidental Injury.

Payment of 300% of sum insured if death occurs within the term of the Policy.

Family Package

An optimum option for education, retirement, or healthcare plan for your family.

For the group of single customer who is living with parents to fulfill the responsibility of taking care of parent about the needs of healthcare

Help the newlyweds to secure the future for the whole family when the family faces with the healthcare problems and critical illnesses

Taking care of the future for the families with 3 generations

Universal Life

A greater guarantee of the future for not only individuals but also their family.

Loyalty bonus after the third year and every 3 years since then

Attractive interest rates: at least 3% for the first 3-year, 2.5% for the nex 3-year. Then the rate will be finely adjusted for the following years

Provide 100% current Face Amount in case of death or Total and Permanent Disability by Accident.


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Medical Reimbursement Plan

Comprehensive Protection with the superior In-patient and Out-patient benefit


Enhanced Critical Illness 2018 rider

Support the adults and children in case the Policy Owner suffers from critical illness


Enhanced Hospitalization Rider 2014

The hospital expense coverage and surgery cost to bring a peaceful mind to customers for the treatment


Accidental Death and Disability Rider

A financial solution for maximum assurance about financial loss resulting from risks of accidental death and disablement


Enhanced Waiver of Premium rider 2018

A financial solution for free from financial that the policy owner stop paying premiums and still retain the life insurance.


Insurance Financial Support Dependents

A plan in case of financial loss if the breadwinner accidentally dies or suffers from total and permanent disabilities.


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1. What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is an ideal solution to provide financial protection to us and our family against such unexpected risks as death, disability and critical illnesses, etc.

2. Why do I need life insurance?

- Đảm bảo giúp biến những ước mơ còn dang dở của mình thành hiện thực.
- Tích lũy một khoản tiền để dành đáng kể cho người thân.
- Bảo hiểm nhân thọ tạo cho bạn thói quen tiết kiệm một cách kỷ luật thông qua việc đóng phí bảo hiểm định kỳ.