Outstanding benefits

Family Happiness,
Life Fulfillment

Excellent education, promising future: an accumulative education saving plan but also provides healthcare and protection for your children from accident risks

Filial affection, joie de vivre : financial plan for long term goals and taking care of your parents 

Family building, love bonding:  an accumulative plan for future goals , take care of and protect man and wife who have not had children from unnecessary risks 

Complete protection, Happy family: a perfect solution to ensure the education path for children, secure the health of families with all 3 generations

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  • Age entry: 0 - 60 years old
  • Max age at Maturity: 100 years old 
  • Policy term: = Premium term

Policy Term

  • Option 1: policy term and premium term: 100 – entry age
  • Option 2: policy term and premium term: 20 years
  • Option 3: policy term and premium term: 15 years

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