Outstanding benefits

#An Protection

Accidental Death Benefit up to 200% of Sum Assured with Specific Accidental Dismemberment Benefit 10% of Sum Assured.

Hospitalization for Accident up to 2 million/day, 180 million/year and 1 billion/Life.

Immediately applying Waiver of Premium Benefit during 20 years when Accident event occurs and the insurance plan continues to be inforce.

Flexible purchasing Riders to attain higher protection for yourself and your family with reasonable price.

#An Yên Investment

Providing Customers a stable portfolio. Actual investment rate in recent years will ensure that Customer's investment is profitable with attractive interest rates and minimum guarantee interest rates.

Separation between investment and protection account. Customers can withdraw money from investment account any time completely free.

Attractive bonuses up to 510% of annualized first year premium effectively increase Customer’s savings.

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  • Entry age of Life Assured: From 30 days old to 60 years old
  • Maturity Age: 75 years old

Policy Term

  • Policy term: 75 years – Entry age of Life Assured
  • Premium term = Policy term

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